M squared

So this being my first blog, I thought I would talk about my two favorite things, M&M. Macarons and Moose. First, lets get real. The reason this white, 24 year old girl from Tennessee loves macarons is because of Blair Waldorf. I mean can anyone get the picture of her laying in a bath tub eating a pistachio macaron out of your head? I didn’t think so. I had my first experience in Atl at Macaron Queen [check it out]. No other macaron place holds a candle to MQ.
My second favorite thing is my Moose. All 21.7, blonde lbs of him. When they say dogs can cure heartbrokenness, they were right. This dog was born for me to be his owner. After losing my best friend and my boyfriend moving to L.A.. it was safe to say I was on a downward spiral. (another blog, another time) I’m not exaggerating…dogs cure everything.
I don’t know if anyone will read this or not but it’s really for my own self help. An outlet. I will try to stay anonymous. Who knows what I could come home and rant about after work. Oh yeah! I’m an optometrist assistant. It sounds super exhilarating, I know. I didn’t dream about this when I was a kid, trust me. I would sit my baby dolls up in a row and ask them how they felt. I have a BS in psychology by the way. There is not a whole lot of need for that here though. Hence, the current career.
I was trying to show you a picture of Moose but blogger isn’t on my side at the moment. This blog is short and sweet. Just a little about me. Stay tuned as I tell stories, my professional opinions (about psychology, not eyes) and about my business that is soon to be opening in 2015. Some blogs will be light hearted–my views on fashion and life, some, not so much. Thanks for reading my first real blog!


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